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Why is my PRE-ORDER delayed?
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Estimated shipping dates are listed on the product page at the time of purchase.  This date is thoughtfully estimated by our production and shipping teams when the pre-order is listed on our website but is subject to change. We have listed some of the variables that may cause delay below to offer transparency in the process. 

• Production delays:  We work with multiple factories to produce our products.  These factories may experience unforeseen circumstances which could cause a change in our production timeline.  These circumstances include, but are not limited to, supply shortages or events that negatively impact factory staffing (i.e. extreme weather or pandemic).

• Quality control: We sometimes make revisions or improvements to the product during the production process.  Any revisions made are to ensure the quality of the end product. We prioritize product quality and will proceed to make these revisions even if they may impact ship dates.

• Shipping & Customs delays:  Weather or other unpredictable events can cause shipping delays.  Customs delays can sometimes prevent shipments from arriving at our warehouse on schedule.  These types of events can also affect shipments from our warehouse to our customers.


For orders that contain available items and pre-order items:

  • Available items will ship right away according to the shipping specification selected for the order.
  • Pre-orders will be shipped, as they arrive, with the shipping specification determined by Trick or Treat Studios.
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