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The item I want says PRE-ORDER, what does this mean?
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A pre-order item is a new product that is in production and has not yet arrived at our warehouse or an existing item that has sold out and we are awaiting a restock shipment.  


We open pre-orders for new items early in the pre-production process to allow customers the ability to secure an item in advance and allow time for us to adjust to meet demand. This process ensures customers can purchase without concern about the item being sold out and helps to prevent price gouging by after-market sellers taking advantage of a limited supply. 


Images of new pre-order items are often of the prototypes the production is based upon, we update photos along the way as we have production samples to share.  We often use molds, props, and costume pieces from the film to create our products. You can find specific item details and artist information on item pre-order pages. Some revisions may occur during the production process. These revisions are not considered defects and do not qualify for a discount or refund.


Estimated shipping dates are listed on the product page at the time of purchase. This date is subject to change.*



For orders that contain available items and pre-order items:

  • Available items will ship right away according to the shipping specification selected for the order.
  • Pre-orders will be shipped as they arrive with the shipping specification determined by Trick or Treat Studios.


*Also see "Why is my pre-order delayed?" for more details.

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